(Almost) On the road

These last days flew by. After a week spent recharging my batteries on French beaches, I was a bit surprised by all the small things I still needed to do and organise, and spent the first days after my return somewhere between bouts of procrastination and hasting from one task to the next. But when I picked up my Russian and Belorussian visa on Wednesday, it somehow finally sunk in that I’m really going to do this and will really be on the road, the track and the country lane from tomorrow on. To celebrate this, I treated myself to a portion of bigos in my favourite pierogi-place in Berlin.

Bigos, still in Berlin

Right now, I’m sorting out my playlist for the trip and sip Irish tea. I wonder what Polish and Russian tea will taste like. I heard they drink it without milk….

Here are my destinations for the next weeks, in case you want to get in touch when I’m on the ground.

21.07. – 23.07. Gdansk
23.07. – 01.08. Olsztyn
01.08. – 04.08. Warsaw
05.08. – 10.08. Moscow
10.08. – 13.08. Perm
13.08. – 17.08. Yekaterinburg

I can’t wait.

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